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          我们是一个 private liberal arts college 美丽 迪科拉,爱荷华.

          A 住宅校园 Community

          校园 is the center of life at Luther. First-year residence halls are designed to help you meet new people and make lifelong friends. You’ll find a home here.


          98% of students receive financial aid

          We strive to make your education affordable through scholarships, work-study opportunities, loans and grants.

          Learn more about financial aid


          • Eric Baack, associate professor of biology.


            How will the COVID-19 virus transform? In this article, Professor Eric Baack shares what factors might affect the virus and how we can play a role in shaping its future.

          • Head shot for Beth Lynch

            What Does Ecology Have to Do With the COVID-19 Pandemic?

            In this post, Professor Beth Lynch shares how the human population has more or less created the conditions necessary for new infectious diseases like COVID-19 to emerge and how we can best predict and respond to them.

          • Gwen Strand, Instructor in Biology

            Challenges of Vaccine Development

            In this post, Professor Gwen Strand discusses the specific challenges involved in the vaccine development for COVID-19 and how critical it is to stop the spread.

          • Norwegian fjord scene.

            Connecting In a Time of the Coronavirus

            In this article, Professor Maren Johnson describes a project coordinated by the Torgerson Center for Nordic Studies that focuses on Nordic values and how can they be used to address the cornavirus.


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